About Nova FoU

Nova FoU (research and development) is a collaborative project created by the municipality of Oskarshamn and SKB (Swedish Nuclear Waste Management Company). The cooperation agreement was signed 2007 and the focus is
scientific and technical research, as well basic research as applied research, in collaboration with leading research groups in energy and environment. There are cooperation with universities, colleges and business communities, national and international.

Nova FoU supports new and innovative research, for example environmental studies, where the extensive SKB data set from geological, hydrogeological, hydrogeochemical and ecological investigations and modelling can be used.


SKB Facilities

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Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory (HRL) is a world unique underground research laboratory which is now open for more general research. Nova FoU is the organisation which implements this policy and facilitates external access for research and development projects to the SKB facilities (Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, Bentonite Laboratory at Äspö, Canister Laboratory in Oskarshamn and Site Investigation Oskarshamn, ie Laxemar), data and competence in Oskarshamn.


Current project areas are:

- Environmental chemistry
- Surface and ground water
- Microorganisms
- Geothermal
- Technical development
- Harbour remidiation in Oskarshamn
- General projects

The work is led by Chief Coordinator Dr. Marcus Laaksoharju