Summary from Workshop at Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

A two days meeting was held about the future for Äspö HRL. Researchers from many of the swedish universities were gathered for the discussions.

The meeting started with a visit to the tunnel and then presentations by reserachers about different subjects, from water science and microbiology to corrosion and deep core drilling. Day two was mainly used for discussions about the future for the Äspö HRL

The meeting was lead by Professor Ulf Karlsson from KTH.

Nova Center for University Studies, Reasearch and Development was presented by Rector Bengt Karlsson and Chief coordinator Nova FoU Dr. Marcus Laaksoharju.

Municipality Chief Executive, Ann-Christine Vösu, presented Oskarshamn.

For more information, please have a look at SKB

 Workshop Äspö 2011
 Visiting the tunnel
 Workshop Äspö 2011
 Microbe project in the tunnel
 Workshop Äspö 2011
 Part of the equipment  for the microbe project is inside this container
 Workshop Äspö 2011
 Dr Marcus Laaksoharju presenting Nova FoU

 Workshop Äspö 2011                      

 Professor Mats Åström from Linnaeus University